Harrisdale Primary joins KIDDO's Sporting Schools Exemplary Schools Program

Harrisdale Primary School in WA, is the latest school to join KIDDO’s Sporting Schools Exemplary Schools Program. The KIDDO team are working with the staff and children from the early childhood years to provide professional development, an evidence based program and supporting resources to help their students become confident and competent movers.


Harrisdale Primary is the largest primary school in Western Australia, so it's fantastic to have them on board with the program. As part of our new link, last week we had our coaches out in force at the school doing KIDDO fundamental movement skill assessments on 300 children. It is all part of us working with the school and it's amazing educators, raising awareness and knowledge on the children's physical literacy levels.  


Our team also introduced the staff and children to some of our favourite KIDDO games: Wicked Witch, Hula Hoop Car Trip and more, with the aim that they continue on the program for the months to come. With the launch of our exciting new virtual training centre this October, which has extensive resources for educators, we're looking forward to seeing children's physical literacy continue to grow across Australia.


For more information on KIDDO and our physical literacy resources, please contact us at amanda.derbyshire@uwa.edu.au